The closer to death, the closer to enlightenment.

What Is the Dreamscape?

The dreamscape is the closest you can get to death without dying. The closer to death, the closer to enlightenment.
Which is why you should cultivate your dreamscape.

What I mean by "dreamscape," really, is all functions of the human mind in relation to the state of sleep. Some of the key one's being: hypnagogia, dreams, lucid dreams, and the journaling of the things experienced within those states. Everyone dreams, but not everyone uses their dreams in a practical sense. This is somewhat understandable, as most people have no real use for a cultivated dreamscape. If you are a creative person, the dreamscape is very useful. The large majority of what I create is based upon things I've witnessed within the dreamscape. But beyond that, some of the best works of art, the most profound, the most terrifying, and the most beautiful, I have witnessed within the dreamscape.

I choose to refer to these as if they were not mine, even though they came from my head, because I do not believe myself capable of recreating them. They, in my opinion, seem to belong to something greater than me. Whether that something is just a better version of myself, or maybe even a higher being, I do not know. But it shows that even people who do not wish to use the dreamscape for creative purposes may be able to use it for entertainment purposes.

It is dangerous however. If you have trauma, or any kind of a signifigant amount of darkness within your mind, many of what you see in the dreamscape will painful to go through. I have experienced these things, and at first they bothered me deeply. But now, I have come to find an element of fascination with them. Similar to well done horror. It may even be cathartic in a sense. I'm not sure, it is up to the individual. Just a fair warning.

There is an element of harm in harnessing the dreamscape as well. It involves the intentional use of hypnagogia. Which is one of the most important states a human being can enter. Everyone has experienced it, but it is the intentional use of it that will enlighten you to better create, or to experience things beyond the physical realm.

Artists without damage cannot damage (effect).
More info will be added at a later date.